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G T Metal services

G T Metal Services is here to help you with all your metal installation and repair needs. 

Check out some of our services below, then call us at 402-756-7835! 

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a strong, affordable way to complete your project.

Portable Welding

We’ll come to you and complete your project with professional welding.

Portable Buildings

If you need a portable, temporary building, we can provide it for you.


If you need any repairs to metal materials, call us to fix it expertly.

Fabricated & Custom Equipment

Whatever fabricated and custom equipment you require, we can provide.

Farm Equipment

We also sell different types of farm equipment so you can work efficiently.

interested in our services?

Give us a call at 402-756-7835 or visit our shop at 204 Calvert St., Lawrence, NE 68957. 

G T Metal is the one to turn to when you need any projects completed with welding, metal fabrication, portable buildings, and more!